ASD Classroom Set Up Resources Bundle


Each item can be bought separately or in this bundle as a reduced price. 

New additions to this bundle:

  1. In visuals download: I need to leave (exit card), teacher talk time card, I need help and toilet break visual cards. 
  2. Plain first/then/next and now/next/then boards (x8 boards).
  3. Emotional regulation support toolkit example and template.

Included in this bundle are the following:

  1. Visual schedule background template (x8 colours).
  2. Visual schedules (includes 40 subject/task visuals).
  3. Plain first/then boards (x8 colours).
  4. Morning Schedule Organisational Visuals (x8 colours).
  5. Reinforcer/Choice boards (x8 colours) and 48 visuals.
  6. Simple token boards (x4).
  7. Combined token and first/then boards (x4)
  8. ASD Door poster poem: Our Rules.
  9. Attendance visuals.
  10. Prayers: Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory (English and Irish).
  11. Prayers: Morning, Evening, Before/After meals.
  12. Alphabet frieze, words and pictures.
  13. Alphabet support strips. 
  14. Feelings/emotions check in.