5 Combined ASD token economy and first/then boards Bundle 2

5 First/Then, Now/Next themed board with a token economy incorporated.

1. Choose your board: now/next or first/then.

2. Print and laminate sheet.

3. Cut out tokens and put Velcro on board and tokens.

4. Use board as 5 or 10 token board:

5. To use as a 10 token board, simply put a line of Velcro onto the back of the board to store all 10 tokens and give the tokens as the child completes the work.

6. To use as a 5 token board, attach the 5 tokens in the first 5 vertical column and move them from left to the right column as the child earns them.

For a full video of how I incorporate these into class and to see how I use them check out my highlight  bubble on my Instagram Page @ASDCreationStation

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