ABLLS-R Section B13: Sequence pattern to a match a visual model

ABLLS-R Aligned Support Resource

Section B: Visual Performance

B13: Sequence pattern to match a visual model


1: 6 pieces of 2 items with no extras.

2: 6 pieces of 3 items with no extras.

3: 8 pieces of 4 items with no extras.

4: can match sequence of 8 pieces comprised of 4 different items when given extra pieces.

Purpose: To be used to both teach these skills and as an assessment tool.

Included in Document A: 9 task templates for Score 1.

9 task templates for Score 2

Blank template for you to create extra patterns of your own for Score 1 and Score 2.

In Document B: 8 Task templates for Score 3 and 4.

Blank template to create your own extra patterns for Score 3/4.