ABLLS-R Section B8: Sort non-identical items

ABLLS-R Aligned Support Resource

Section B: Visual Performance

B8: Sort non-identical items (42 page resource)

Scores: 1 to 4 catered to.

To use: (Full written and visual instructions included with this resource). 

(1) You can simply put the task in front of the child and ask them to point/show you the  matching non-identical objects.

(2) You can have flashcards velcroed over the template images and children can physically move the non-identical matching objects to the correct ‘answer’ position.

(3) Once sheet is laminated you can ask the child to circle the non-identical matching objects.

(4) You can ask the child to cross out the objects that are not matching (not a requirement of the criteria for this task but a nice extension and test for comprehension).


Templates supplied for Criteria/Score 1 and 2.

Templates supplied for Criteria/Score 3 and also a blank template so you can create your own variations.

Blank template provided for Criteria/Score 4 which allows you to create your own variations using the visuals from Criteria/Score 3 task (as well as a bonus 7 sets of visuals to incorporate into Criteria/Score 4).