ABLLS-R Section B9: Block designs on picture cards

ABLLS-R Aligned Support Resource

Section B: Visual Performance

B9: Block designs on picture card

Scores:  Templates and resources for all scores 1-4 included.

Included: 12 task templates for Score 1.

16 task templates for Score 2 or 3 (leave extra shapes out for assessing/teaching Score 3).

14 tasks templates for Score 4 (including 4 extended templates).

To use:

(1) You can simply put the task in front of the child and ask them to place the shapes/block designs on the picture cards to match.

The same set of shape visuals will work for all task boards.

Extra picture cards with 7, 8 and 9 shapes on each for extended work or security on knowledge of awarding a score of 4 for this task.