ASD Maths Task Bundle ABLLS-R aligned tasks and assessment tools.

ASD Maths Task Bundle: ABLLS-R aligned tasks and assessment tools.

Topics included: shape, colour, number, addition ,subtraction, time, money, place value.

Colour: Matching colour to colour, naming colours, matching colour names to colours.

Shape: Matching shape to shape, naming shapes, matching shape to shape names.

Addition: Solving addition sums totalling up to 10 and solving addition sums totalling up to 20.

Money: Visually matching coins to coins, naming, recognising and quantifying coins, naming, recognising and matching notes.

Number: Counting objects to 10, matching quantities of objects, matching non-identical quantities of objects, matching numerals to quantities of objects, recognising numerals and matching to amounts, recognising and reading number words and matching to quantities.

Place value: Partitioning number into tens and units, partitioning numbers into hundreds, tens and units.

Subtraction: solving subtraction sums from 10 and solving subtraction sums from 20.

Time: Telling time to the hour on an analogue and digital clock, matching clocks and times (analogue and digital).