Biting Social Story with alternative behaviour supports

Biting Social Stories, questions and alternative behaviour choice board.
I use this resource to encourage children not to bite, to be aware of their feelings and make appropriate alternative decisions to biting. I print the 2 page story back to back. One page has the story with visuals and the second page has a comprehension or understanding activity based on the story.
This resource includes 1 social story to stop biting, 1 comprehension sheet to assess understanding and a choice board offering alternative behaviours to biting and to support oral motor needs/input.
For some of my children I begin by using only the first page of each story set and we read this repetitively so that children begin to garner an understanding of the social situation/behaviour.
To develop children’s understanding of the situation I go through the second page and ask the questions/read the statements to the children.
They can answer in their own words or (for pre-verbal children) point to the happy (positive answer) green face or the sad (negative answer) red face, or give thumbs up/down, whichever option they prefer. This allows me to assess their understanding of the story. We also send these home for parents to use with their children to reinforce the wanted/expected behaviours that we are working on.
The choice board can be used in class to teach children to choose an alternative, more appropriate way to get the oral feedback they may be seeking. Children can be taught to request an item to bite/help with oral motor input or can be given the card as an alternative when they are displaying the unwanted behaviour.