Bumper Pack of combined first/then token economy themed boards

This is a set of 22 themed tokens with boards and pause tokens. Token boards in first/then and now/next formats.

I created these combined token boards over 4 years ago to support children in my classes who needed the visuals to remain focused but who could not cope with having 2 systems being used a the same time. They combine the visual first/then approach to breaking down the structure of a lesson or a days timetable in addition to having the token economy system incorporated in one.

This bumper pack includes themed tokens for the following: football, Spiderman, mermaids (2 versions), Lego (character and logo), Mr. Men/Little Miss (3 versions), monsters (2 versions), Star Wars (3 characters), Superhero (boy and girl), Batman, Superman, Hulk, Ironman, Mario brothers and birthdays (cake and candles tokens).