Comprehension Homework Workbook for infant classes

I use these as homework sheets for my first class children in my ASD class. They would be suitable for Senior infants/1st class level children.
The pack consists of 6 weeks work, 3 pages per week split into 4 sections.
I split it up as follows:
Monday: Chn read words (simple blendable CVC words and high frequency sight words they have learned) and colour in the words they can read without difficulty (this tells us and parents which words they need to work on).I encourage parents to question chn about the meaning of words also.
Tuesday: chn read the short sentences and draw a picture to match each (to show comprehension of sentences). Chn also colour in.
Wednesday: Chn re-read the sentences from last night and parents ask oral language questions based on these sentences.
Thursday: Chn read the true/false statement sentences and decide if they are true or false and write true/false onto the line provided.
Each 3 pages provides 1 weeks homework and the set has 6 weeks worth of homework