Course: ABLLS Assessment

A practical guide to using ABLLS as a form of Assessment in your classroom.

(3 hours) Areas covered:

  1. What is ABLLS?
  2. Who can administer assessments?
  3. ABLLS Sections.
  4. How to score assessments.
  5. How to track assessments.
  6. My assessment system and tracker sheets.
  7. Using fully digital interactive Boom Card resources.
  8. A break down of ABLLS sections and activity suggestions.
  9. Frequency of Assessment.
  10. IEP and Curriculum Development.
  11. Resources.

This course is in the format of a PowerPoint with voice overs, written information and videos of my assessment tools and examples. This means that you will not need internet access to access this course after your initial download of the course HOWEVER you will need to have up to date Powerpoint software for it to work (audio and videos).

It is protected and copyrighted and therefore not editable and for the sole use of the purchaser.

Simply purchase this course and download it from the link provided.

Once you have downloaded it, it will ask you for a password to open. Type in ‘ASDAssessment’ to access the course (case sensitive). It will then ask you for a password to edit the Power Point. When this shows up click ‘read only’ (you will not be given the password to edit this work).

As you have downloaded this course you will be able to access it again in your downloads history on your internet browser (you will not need to download it each time, it will simply load up once you click it in your download history!)

Please note that this is NOT an EPV qualifying course.