First Day(s) Back

In this resource you will find:

  1. General information and guidance notes on planning
  2. Planning document
  3. Blank planning template for first day for all 3 adults in class
  4. Resource pack.

In resource pack you will find the following:

  1. Would you rather choice board (pages 1-2)
  2. I am feeling choice board (pages 3-4)
  3. My favourite… choice boards: visuals for colours, farm animals and zoo animals (pages 5-8) (Also great for language development or print 2 of each and make matching games!)
  4. Calendar and weather resources (pages 9 -22)
  5. Visual attendance display (pages 23-25)
  6. Cloud all about me rainbow display (pages 26-28)
  7. What you did for the Summer (pages 29-31)
  8. First day of/back at school keepsake (pages 32)
  9. 8 Yoga visuals (taster pack) (pages 33-34)
  10. Getting to know my class resource templates (pages 35-36)