I am learning all about…Houses and Homes

This is a bumper booklet comprising 58 pages of resources to support teaching information and target language about houses and homes in our communities. I have used this with my ASD class in small groups and 1:1 to incorporate SESE and functional skills in a cross curricular way. It could also be used to support SET teaching, to support EAL students as well as in a mainstream setting for SESE and oral language. Full video of this resource is available on my Instagram page @ASDCreationStation (check the highlights!)
This booklet goes through the different types of homes, naming parts of a house, resources to teach about rooms including bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, dining room and sitting room and has activities including the following:
I spy…
What am I?
Matching identical objects games.
Associated objects games.
Maths counting.
Completing the sentence.
It also includes a pre and post assessment and a self-assessment/teachers assessment and a certificate of completion.