Maths 2D Task Folder Bundle

This bundle was created to support the development of shape skills and can be used as both a teaching tool and resource as well as an indepenednt task folder once skills have been taught to and mastered by children.

This bundle includes the following shapes: square, rectangle, circle, triangle, oval, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, star and hearts.

There are 4 pages for each shape to support the generalisation of skills and shape recognition.


Sheet 1: different colours, sizes and orientations of squares.

Sheet 2: white squares: different sizes and orientations.

Sheet 3: Visual cue to sort squares.

Sheet 4: word cue to sort shapes.

I print the sheets back to back, lmainate them and add velcro to pages 1 and 2 to support visual perception matching as well as maths skills.

I print the answer sheet and laminate and velcro those to work on matchign skills.

A full run through of this bundel can be seen over on my Instagram page @ASDCreationStation