My Colours Boom Card Bundle

This is a set of 12 individual resources that are fully digital and interactive to support teaching and assessing knowledge of colour.


There is a separate 20 page resource/deck for each of the following colours:

Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple, Pink, Brown, Black, Grey and White.

Within each, children have 6 different activities to complete to support their learning:

Each colour has a separate book/resource which includes the following activities:

  1. Select the picture that is the same colour as the given picture
  2. Tap all the given colours pictures (given option of 6; 3 in the given colour, 3 extra colours to practise colour discrimination).
  3.  Matching all the same coloured objects (focus on colour and visual perception).
  4. Recognition of the colour in written format (supported by colour coding for Step 1)
  5. Recognition of colour in written format (3 options all in plain black writing).
  6. Recognition of colour word in written format in a variety of fonts.

The final resource is a sorting activity encompassing all colours where children have to differentiate between colours and select the correct ones to sort.

All resources have audio included to support children’s more independent learning.