Odd one out Game

This is a perfect game for developing language, labelling and naming skills, discussing functions and features as well as categorizations.

Children must look at each card and name each object on it and then decide which is the odd one out in the group.

They must also give a reason for this. For many of the cards there are multiple reasons why it is the odd one out.

For eg. Picture of knife, fork, spoon and bowl: Reasons my children gave for the bowl being the odd one out were: The bowl is  not cutlery, the cutlery is made of metal, the bowl is ceramic, a bowl can hold more liquid, the cutlery is silver, the bowl is green, etc.

Perfect game for oral language development, speech and language development, developing communication skills and social skills when working in a group.

My kids loved the added challenge of having to explain why one object was the odd one out and opened discussions on features of objects and functions.

Odd one out: 30 cards in this pack.