Oral language Bundle

A bumper pack of oral language (speech and language) games including:
1. Set of ‘Why’ question cards x32

2. Set of ‘When’ question cards x32

3. Set of ‘How’ question cards x32

4. Set of ‘name as many’… cards x32

5. Set of naming categories cards x 20 (Also useful for labelling objects orally)

6. Set of ‘would you rather’ discussion and explanation cards x40

7. Set of ‘What am I?’ description matching cards x18

Each of these can also be bought separately in my shop.

We use these in my ASD class for speech and language sessions, oral language sessions, independent work, pair work, social skills groups, wet play games and as  Aistear activities. I have also used them in mainstream classes and in SET as speech and language interventions, language development tasks and as games to encourage language (EAL students)

Simply print, laminate and cut out to enjoy.