PE Games ASD Junior Class

This resource comprises of games to support the Gross Motor Skill Development of children.

It covers a 6 week block bout could easily be extended as activities are repetitive and skills based.

I use this as part of our PE lessons as well as general Gross Motor Skills development which link to National Curriculum Strands, ABLLS criteria and the CAT-GLD moderate curriculum (Phase 1-3)

For this resource, the same applies to each fortnight with the first week being more explicit and discrete teaching of skills and the second week being a repeated lesson but at a (hopefully) more independent level. The second week also includes extension activities for those more able children in the class.

This is a Word Document so completely editable, something that I would always advise doing in order to suit the specific needs of your classroom and the children working in it. Use it to inform and support your own Gross Motor Skills ideas as well as to develop social interaction skills in small group settings.