Recipe Growing Bundle

This is a Growing Recipe Bundle so once you purchase this resource you will have access to what is in it now and what is added to it over time.

At present this bundle includes recipes for 21 items: porridge bread, rainbow cupcakes, scones, brownies, raspberry and white chocolate tray bake, fruit lollies, pear and cinnamon muffins, vampire cookies, cookies, sugar cookies, coconut hedgehogs, chocolate brownies, gingerbread men, mini quiche chocolate, chip muffins, soda bread, coffee cake,  red velvet cupcakes., pizza and cornflake tart.

All tried and tested recipes with both my after school cookery club and my ASD class for life skills/cookery practise.

Perfect to help you set up your own afterschool cookery club or to incorporate cookery and life skills into your class lessons.

Simple ingredients and simplified instructions with the added bonus of a checklist to support children’s organisation and tracking skills.