Sensory observation and activity examples

Simple information, working document for school or the home that goes through what behaviours and mannerisms you may see or observe, which sense they may relate to followed by a list of activities that you could do which may support your child to regulate. As always, I would urge you to follow the advice and recommendations given to you by your child/children(s) specific OT first and foremost. These ideas and suggestions are here to supplement this advice and give you further ideas of activities that may support your child’s sensory system and regulation.

We use this in our class to supplement individual children’s reports and to support our ability to recognise what input they may be seeking on a minute to minute basis in class throughout the day.

It is by no means an exhaustive list of behaviours that you may witness or observe, nor is it an exhaustive list of ideas that may support but I find it is something very useful to share with your team members and have up and visible for all to take note of in a bid to best support your children.

I use the planning sheet attached to this to create our daily sensory diets in class to support children and create more tailored sensory support for each child.