Set of 8 Safety Social Stories with comprehension assessment tool

Safety Social Stories and comprehension assessment tool.
I use this resource to aid my teaching of safety for some of the children in my class. I print each 2 page story back to back. One page has the story and the second page has a comprehension or understanding activity based on the story.
This resource includes 7 social stories to support teaching the following safety measures:
1.The importance of holding hands in some public situations.
2.Crossing the road at a zebra crossing.
3.Crossing the road with the lollipop person.
4.Crossing the road at a traffic lights.
5.Wearing a seatbelt.
6.Listening to people when they say “stop!”.
7.Wearing a helmet when using a bike or scooter.
8.Safety when riding my bike or scooter.